About us

For decades, Restaurant Maki, situated in Gospić, has belonged amongst the jewels of the catering and gastronomy industry of Lika with its solid roots founded on family tradition since 1971. where it began as a village inn and tavern and then turned into a restaurant. Today, Restaurant Maki is a modern motel with 60 rooms, 7 apartments, 150 beds and vehicle parking. We have a seating capacity for 300 and we are only 1500 metres from the Zagreb – Split Highway.

For decades, our restaurant, has been associated with healthy meals from the Region of Lika where no one has been left unsatisfied by Lika’s barbecued lamb, smoked ham and cheese, steak or typical country lunch. If we add chicken, turkey and roasted veal baked under the bell along with meals off the grill that are “flavoured” with Lika’s plum brandy, blueberry, brandy, brandy made of herbs from the Mountain of Velebit or Velebit’s beer, then it’s clear why guests are always satisfied. Good food requires quality rest which we offer in a variety of packages in one of our four luxuriously furnished buildings where the Blue and Rose coloured apartments of high – quality accommodations are made to suit your personality and consider your privacy. These buildings also offer whirlpools and bathrooms which are wheelchair accessible. It is up to you to decide if you would like a bed and breakfast, half – board or full- board accommodation in a single room, double room or an apartment suite.

We will aslo make your stay in Gospić and Motel Maki more complete with a tour of famous sights in the Lika Region such as the National Parks of Plitvica Lakes (70 km), Sjeverni (Northern) Velebit (55 km), Paklenica (60 km), and the Cerovačke Caves located in the Velebit Nature Park (50 km). Would you like to hike or leisurely walk down The Carolina Road that was built in 1711 or The Theresiana from 1874, visit the unique shelter for orphaned bears located in Kuterevo or find pleasure in the beauty of the Štirovača Rainforest? Do you often have the opportunity to enjoy the continental cleanliness of nature or to swim in the Adriatic Sea, a jewel amongst seas? Would you like to overlook Lika, the Croatian islands or the Adriatic Sea from the mountain peaks of Zavižan and Vaganski Vrh?

If you fish or hunt, then you must visit the Lika River with its tributary streams, the Kruščica Lake, the everlasting opal – coloured River of Gacka or the unique rivers belonging to the National Park Plitvica Lakes. Hunting is distinct in itself because of the nearness of the slopes and hill – sides of the Mountain of Velebit, Velika Kapela, Mala Kapela and Plješivica. We can also make arrangements for hunting dogs along with additional boarding accommodations.

To enhance the enjoyment of your stay in motel “Maki” we have expanded our service to excursions and day trips (accommodation from 3 to 15 days). Some of the well known destinations include: Lika, Zadar, Plitvice Lakes National Park, Kornati National Park, Paklenica National Park, Velebit, the Nikola Tesla Museum, rafting on Zrmanja and Una, visit to the Gacka Valley, safari in Velebit, hiking, Rizvan City Adrenalin Park, Kuterevo Bear Sanctuary, the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Krasno, the Church of Croatian Martyrs in Udbina…